Two years ago I was commissioned to make four eight foot, cubist red gorillas, unfortunately
after we produced 3 more the order was cancelled.

The three would have cost £21,000 + installation and shipping to the south of France.
I now have three giant gorillas for sale at cost/materials.

These would make an excellent art project and could be painted any colour by whoever buys them. They were going to be silver/chrome, but could be painted as zebras, leopards or anything. The price is massively reduced to £12,000 now and they are an absolute steal,

we are only selling them to cover the costs of materials and labour.

They are open to anybody or organisation or group that can offer us the price stated.

Production Photographs

Ideas for Colour’s and finishes;

The 3 Cubist Gorillas are ready for painting to which ever scheme suits your taste, from Zebra to multi-coloured dripping paint, or even Chrome finish.